Restoration and remediation are poles apart from each other. Let's break down both terms in the construction industry one by one.
Restoration - 

Restoration projects are typically initiated when a piece of land is impacted by a natural disaster, like Uttarakhand. There, all the hotels and homes of the people were broken down into two pieces and devastated. In this situation, people demand restoration first so that they can even see their homeland as it was before. The restoration takes time, but when it happens, it seems like you add new life to the building and make it alive again. To preserve our Indian history, historical monuments and kings' palaces must be restored. Due to this reason, this restoration project comes into our hands.  
Balaji Construction is the best construction company in Jaipur and works on restoration projects to improve the infrastructure. This is a kind of support that we are offering for the progress of the country. 

Remediation -
The health of a mother is important before bringing a child onto the planet; otherwise, it could affect the health of the family. Remediation also works the same way; this keeps the soil perfectly suitable for construction. This process eradicates the impurities from the soil and underground water. Sometimes these issues become a major reason for people to migrate from one place to another. On the other hand, they spend extra pennies to make it work if they have no other option. Whether you are building 2, 3, or 4 BHK apartments in any location, it is also necessary to first check the quality of the soil, water, and electricity supplies.  

Techniques that involve the remediation are - 

Soil washing 
Penetrable barrier system 
Pump and treat 
Thermal desorption 
Biological remediation 

There are several more techniques that help make life comfortable in those places where it was once impossible to stay for longer. In Jaipur, if you have found any kind of land that needs remediation service, we are available around the clock.

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